CBM holds the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of 2017


On 09 February, 2018 at Victory Sai Gon Hotel, Construction and Building Materials Joint Stock Company held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of 2017. The meeting approved many important items, including target revenue and profit after tax for 2018.

At the meeting, besides reviewing and discussing the contents related the business results of last year, the meeting also voted on the business development plan of the company next year. Although the construction industry in 2017 has encountered many difficulties and high competitiveness, CBM still excellently completed the business plan. The company's activities have been improved in a professional way, the work source is stable and CBM employees' life is guaranteed to be high. In addition to evaluating the achievements, the shortcomings and limitations are also analyzed to draw experience.

With the high proportion of votes in the program content, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of CBM has been successful. The Board of Directors and staff of the Company have determined that there will be many difficulties and challenges in the implementation of business objectives but they will confidently complete the plan approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders.

Finally, we honoured individuals and groups with positive contributions to the success of CBM in the year. On the same day, we also held the company's annual meeting at Victory Sai Gon Hotel. This is the annual meeting of all employees and representatives of customers on the ocation of the end of the year.

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