CBM visits the children undergoing cardiac surgery


On the morning of March 22nd, representatives from Gamuda Land, Heart Beat Vietnam, CBM and other major sponsors visited the children with congenital heart disease who were operated at the City University Hospital of Medicine, Ho Chi Minh city.

This is the second consecutive year that CBM has had the opportunity to accompany Hearbeat VN and Gamuda Land HCM in the "Run for Heart" event to raise funds for heart surgery for children suffering from congenital heart disease.

In response to the reporters, CBM representatives expressed their gratitude to Vietnam Heart Foundation and Gamuda Land for organizing a meaningful and humanitarian event such as "Run for the heart"

Participants were moved by the sight of the babies being healthy, laughing. And that is a great motivation for the CBM team to continue to try every day to be able to continue with the Gamuda land HCM in the upcoming "Run for the heart 2018".

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